Make the Day Special: Things to Do for Yourself on Valentine’s Day


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We know what it feels like to be single on Valentine’s Day–some disappointment, some sadness, some anger (a lot) in others who are in a relationship, and most of all a disinterest in the entirety of the holiday. Of course, Valentine’s Day has some down sides to it, but you can decide whether or not you want this day to be a good one! It’s all about mindset, so here are–in my opinion–the top things to do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single that will cheer you up (or just remind you that you’re the sh*t).

Put on a face mask

Anytime I want to feel good, I always go towards a gentle, moisturizing face mask. Not only will it be great for your skin, but it’ll make sure you’re relaxed. And a relax mind always goes far places!

Run a warm bath 

I think putting on a face mask and running a warm bath kind of go back to the same thing: basically taking care of your body. In addition to those things, you can exfoliate your skin, shave, moisturize and put on your favorite perfume. And if you’re headed out–or if you just want to look good for yourself (do that!), you can even put on makeup! A red lip and highlight will do the trick.

Burn a candle and play your favorite songs 

If you’re in a depressive mood for Valentine’s Day, don’t go back to your sad music playlist–it won’t make you feel better. Play the songs that you thoroughly enjoy and would rock to 24/7. If you’re feeling a little frisky–or just want a boost of confidence–for V-Day, put on your sexiest outfit or lingerie and strut around in your underwear, girl. No-one’s gonna judge you and you’ll feel so good afterwards.

Treat yourself

A huge part of spending Valentine’s Day alone is gifting yourself. Whether that be treating yourself to some alone time, or treating yourself to something materialistic (like a plane ticket or simply a new outfit), you need to remind yourself you’re worth so much because, in reality, no-one’s going to do it for you. Remember that love begins on the inside and only you can truly affirm that you’re an amazing soul that has so many things to offer. You deserve to be treated well on Valentine’s Day, and any day for that matter. You know why? Because you’re fabulous.




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