#TheGiftofGiving – T.I. Buys Students Lunch for the School Year

By Marvianna Gray

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Due to being fifteen cents short,  Kimberly Aiken of Orlando, FL was denied school lunch last week and the situation did not go unnoticed by Atlanta rapper T.I. Aiken explained that she did sign up for the free and reduced-cost lunch program, but school has already begun and the program hasn’t taken effect yet. The 15 cents came over from her balance from last school year.

Civil rights activist, Shaun King, posted Kimberly’s story on social media and it caught Tip’s attention. He responded on Twitter that he would like to help the Sophomore and take care of her lunch for the year. When Kimberly went to her school the next day to pay her 15 cent balance, she’d been told that it had already been taken care of.

The student was beyond grateful , which inspired her to start her own GoFundMe page for other students and families who are unable to pay for school lunch. Schools and cafeteria workers denying students food when they don’t have the funds to pay for it is quite harsh and happens more often than you think, especially in Public Schools. Just imagine a child going through the school day (usually about 8 hours) with no breakfast or lunch. Children need proper nutrients and components to allow them to focus in class, denying food is inhumane whether they have money or not. We commend T.I. for using his platform to help the best way that he could, something so simple can mean so much to someone. You go Tip!


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