The Tip Debate

By: Seaira Nikole

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The food was good, the service was horrible should I still leave a tip? I swear the old me would have had a debate within myself whether some servers even deserved one!

I mean everything went wrong that possibly could. My drink order was placed first. I didn’t receive it until after my food had been brought to the table. That was 45 minutes later! Think about that. So yes, the debate was should I leave one or should I not?

I understand things happen! I’ve even been a waitress before myself. I can attest to the fact that sometimes you can forget things especially when your very busy. It’s life, we are all human.

I also can agree that some days are worse than others, so I try to be considerate. A lot of people tend to bring their personal lives into work which causes it to rub off in their work ethic.

I have left a tip even if the server wasn’t the best if they had a pleasant attitude. On the other hand you have the nasty attitude ones on top of their bad customer service & it’s just like do you really even expect a tip??

Other than the one I write on the bottom of my receipt & leave for you stating how I didn’t appreciate your service!

I have gotten so much better. Now I always leave one no matter what! It’s not like it’s going to make or break me either way. I started actually taking into consideration how much some servers make.

Nevertheless how can we forget those bomb servers that’s right on point with everything! The type that you don’t have to look around the restaurant for, they’re right there asking & making sure you’re good. We all have to appreciate them!

I once had a waitress that had just graduated from college that same day & was moving out of state in a couple weeks. Instead of celebrating her graduation night she was working as she stated trying to make some extra money. I left her a $30 tip. The smile & happiness that I was able to put on her face made me feel good. Especially when she said it was worth coming to work just because of me.

A month or so ago LaLa Milan as the internet knows her participated in the #tipchallenge. The tip challenge is when you leave a tip matching the amount that you paid for your meal.

A lot of people still argued that they would pass & still not participate for reasons such as not having the funds to do so. At the end of the day anything is always better than nothing at all!

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