The Story of 17-Year-Old Rapper Tay-K

By Dominique Carter 

Twitter: @DommyCBabyy

Instagram: @dommycbaby

Recently, a song called “The Race” has been blowing up after the music video for the song was released a little over a month ago by an artist named Tay-K. The song was cool to me, so I looked more into it, but then I found out about what happened that inspired the creation of the song.

Fort Worth rapper Tay-K, formerly a member of the Daytona Boyz, was arrested for being involved with a home invasion and murder of a 21-year-old man in 2016 alongside seven other people. He was also wanted for allegedly being involved in another murder and beating up and robbing an elderly man.

While he was initially on house arrest for the home invasion murder, he had cut off his ankle monitor and fled all the way to New Jersey where he eventually got caught while staying with a friend, which is basically rapped in the song “The Race”. He was put in adult jail recently for the three allegations, and while we don’t know what will happen to him, he put out a mixtape that’s been catching a lot of buzz recently.

And while he’s been in jail, here’s an interview that took place:

While we don’t know what exactly is going to happen to him in the long run, and don’t support any of these alleged actions, he’s certainly made a name for himself through them and the music that he’s put out.

Hopefully if he does get out of jail, though, he can refrain from making the same bad decisions and make something positive of himself out of this newfound fame.

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