The Secret to Being Happy Isn’t What You Would Expect


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We all have our issues. Some are in college and struggle with paying tuition, being away from family, maybe suffering from depression, or some sort of physical health problem. Whatever your struggles may be, you can be happy. The secret is in how you react to the situations presented to you.

Remember you are not alone


Start your day positively 

What helps me get out of a funk is starting my day out and ending it on a positive note. For me, that means listening to motivational talks on Youtube, listening to my favorite music, doing some meditation and prayer, as well as some yoga. The combination of all these things makes me feel so relaxed and prepared to face the day. If you don’t like Youtube, you can read a motivational, self-help book or simply go into the Podcast app of your phone and find a podcast you enjoy listening to!

Be grateful for what you have 

Even in the worst situations, you have everything you require to succeed and be the greatest version of yourself. Be thankful for your body, for carrying you every single day, be thankful for your family and friends who support you on a daily basis and who are well and alive. Basically, thank God for everything you ever had in your life–even the situation you’re in now. Because you won’t remain in this position forever, and when you get out of this funk, you’ll come back stronger than ever. Be thankful for the lessons He’s trying to teach you.

Tell yourself you got it 

Let yourself know that you’re destined for greatness and remember this is just a moment in time that will past. Time present, past and future is all so relative because it just depends on how you view your life. You came to this earth to achieve something, to be somebody great–all it takes is for you to realize it and act upon it.

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