“The Purge: Election Year” Movie Review, for the Gore and Action Lovers

By Zuri Hoffman

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The Purge: Election Year is the third film in its series and it explores a future America, where one night of all crime is essentially legal. This time around, the film is centered around a presidential candidate, who becomes the target of her political rivals. While this idea of “purging” seems like a pretty far reach, The Purge probes into a deeper meaning of political elitism, vengeance, and an overall corrupt humanity.

From the higher white corrupt anarchy, to a stronghold local black-owned business, the film distinctly broaches into the idea of race, and its role in America. While the film explores significant concepts like these, it is too mediocre to follow through with a strong message.

The Purge contains many comrade protagonists. Arguably, the hero in the film is Senator Roan’s bodyguard, Leo Barnes, who does everything he can to protect Roan on Purge night. While Barns role favors that of Bryan Mills from Taken, the cliché, action, salvation scenes is what I found the most entertaining about the film.

A few scenes made me jump, but I was not left shaking in seat if you will. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for a gory action film The Purge may suit your taste. However, if you’re looking for five star horror movie, stay far away from The Purge: Election Year, you’ll be strongly disappointed.

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