#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Alyssa Forever, the Style Icon Ruling the Lifestyle and Beauty World

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr Photo: Alyssa Forever (Instagram) We all love a good fashionista, and well Alyssa Forever is the perfect example of one. The YouTuber is known for her famous Bantu Knot tutorial and fabulous hair, but she’s even more known for her banging sneaker collection and cohesive style of girly and tomboy […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Chrissy Cousin Shows You How to Slay a Lacefront Like a Boss

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr New to the weave life? Want to know the truth about these hair companies? Well chile, Chrissy Cousin is the YouTuber for you. With over 187,000 subscribers, Chrissy slays and lays her frontals with her super detailed and informative tutorials, so viewers can achieve the same desired look. […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: College Girl Naturalista, Nia Imani

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr Hampton woman, Nia Imani has been killing the YouTube game for 3 years now. Nia Imani is best known for her lit college vlogs as she is currently a junior at the Illustrious Hampton University. She takes her subscribers along with her on her every day journeys as she pursues […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Kaice Alea is the Go-To Girl For Natural Hair Beginners

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr With 93k subscribers, Kaice Alea has been taking the natural hair community on YouTube by storm! Her videos are targeted towards girls who are already natural or girls transitioning to that natural life. For three years, she has been giving great tips and tricks for the natural girl […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Christi Jae Slays in the Makeup, Fashion and Hair Department

By Naomi Abraham Twitter: @NaomiAmber_ Instagram: @officiallynaomi Who: Christi Jae About: Makeup Tutorials, Fashion Tips Current Subscribers: 67,000 Starting Month/Year: January 21, 2016 Most Recent Video: These Inches Are Giving me LIFE! Peerless Peruvian Straight Hair Review Christi Jae has been serving looks on YouTube for well over a year now. Whether it has been through Instagram-baddie-inspired […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Teresa Kiana, Savior of AliExpress Scams

By Naomi Twitter: @NaomiAmber_ Instagram: @officiallynaomi Who: Teresa Kiana About: Hair, Fashion Current Subscribers: 17,460 Starting Month/Year: March 8, 2015 Most Recent Video: How I Slay This 360 Frontal + Aliexpress Virgo Hair Company ♥️ We love YouTubers who show us how to slay on a budget, and where we can get the chic, Instagram […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Chrissie Milan Helps You Be “Bad and Boujee” On a Budget

By Naomi Abrhams Twitter: @NaomiAmber_ Instagram: @officiallynaomi Who: Chrissie Milan About: Beauty, Lifestyle Current Subscribers: 50,872 subscribers Starting Month/Year: Oct. 26, 2013 Most Recent Video: How I Style My Frontal Wig/Unice Hair Up and coming, London-based style vlogger, Chrissie Milan has caught my eye. Maybe it is her fun, unique, and minimalist thumbnails to match […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Comedian, Beauty Guru and Advocate Jackie Aina

By Naomi Abrahams Twitter: @justnaomi_ Instagram: @officiallynaomi Who: Jackie Aina About: Beauty Current Subscribers: 1,501,796 subscribers Starting Month/Year: Mar 12, 2006 Most Recent Video: Things Dark Skin People CAN’T DO! And Other Lies/Myths Jackie Aina is a YouTube Sensation widely known for her “Trends We’re Ditching” yearly comedy videos that pick fun at trends that were […]

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