YouTube Music Highlights Queen Naija’s “Artist Spotlight Story”

By: Marvianna Gray  Instagram: @marvigasss Twitter: @marvigasss We may all know Queen Naija as the hottest R&B songstress out right now, but our girl has been through it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly! From being homeless & pregnant to experiencing a very public and messy break-up with ex-boyfriend Chris Sails; Queen has managed to […]

Ariana Grande Debuts Docu-Series “Dangerous Woman Diaries”

By: Marvianna Gray  Instagram: @marvigasss Twitter: @marvigasss Ariana Grande is getting even more personal with her fans and telling her story with a new docu-series on YouTube. The Dangerous Woman Diaries captures the songstress’s day to day life including Live performance footage and backstage action from her Dangerous Woman tour. With everything that has happened to Ariana […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Alyssa Forever, the Style Icon Ruling the Lifestyle and Beauty World

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr Photo: Alyssa Forever (Instagram) We all love a good fashionista, and well Alyssa Forever is the perfect example of one. The YouTuber is known for her famous Bantu Knot tutorial and fabulous hair, but she’s even more known for her banging sneaker collection and cohesive style of girly and tomboy […]

YouTuber Logan Paul Faces Backlash After Posting Video of Dead Body

By Medina Shaw Instagram: @medinas97 Popular YouTuber, Logan Paul, has received a wave of backlash after posting video of a dead body found in Japan’s “Suicide Forest.” The video titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” has since been deleted. In the video, Logan Paul and his friends react to the body. […]

#Spotlight: Karin Jinsui, the Mystery Life-Sized Bratz Doll From Harlem

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn Karin Jinsui, a mystery to all yet in still she has managed to build a strong brand for her name. You may recognize this Harlem native from Kylie Jenner’s “Glosses” promo video for Kylie Cosmetics, which has gotten over 12 million views. She’s a well-known Instagram model with close to […]

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