#WorkoutWednesday: Squats and How to Do Them the Right Way

By Sydney Fowlkes Instagram: @sydney.alexandra Are you doing your squats correctly? Many people do squats repetitively every day, but fail to see results. If this is happening to you, it most likely means you are not doing your squats incorrectly. One of the main rules of squatting is that your knees should never go past your […]

#WorkoutWednesday: Turning Flabby Arms to Fit

By Sydney Fowlkes Instagram: @sydney.alexandra For this workout Wednesday I am going to cover my favorite arm workouts. These workouts range between helping gain muscle, and slimming down your arms as well. Push-ups Of course I will start with my favorite and easiest workout, push-ups. There are many ways to mix up your push-up routine. […]

Workout Wednesday: What is Circuit Training and How To Do It

By Sydney Fowlkes Instagram: @sydney.alexandra What is circuit training? Circuit training is a type of high intensity workout that is effective by doing one exercise directly after another. Normally done with little to no rests in between, circuit training is a great way to get a quick intense and burning workout. You can use circuit […]

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