Puff Puff Pass Products From Snoop Dogg Are Now on the Market in North America

By Miya Jones Twitter: @miyajones1996 Instagram: @sweetmjones Snoop D-O-G-G is aiming to bring you the best smoking experience possible with his new line of smoking accessories. The longtime rapper and stoner has partnered with Famous Brandz to bring us POUNDS, which are premium handblown water pipes. The different models include Battleship, Mothership, Rocketship, Spaceship and […]

Wiz Khalifa is Serious about Weed

By Paula Davis Wiz Khalifa has decided to turn a hobby into a business. The Pittsburgh-based rapper has plans to release his own strain of weed, Khalifa Kush, or “KK” on April 20. He’s working with RiverRock, a dispensary in Colorado, to release his product. Along with KK, Khalifa is also planning to sell marijuana-infused […]

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