Joe Budden-Drake Beef Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

By Miya Jones A few weeks ago, rapper, Joe Budden, came out with his “Making a Murderer Pt. 1” diss track, in which, he called out Drake by using Drake’s own words against him. Budden not only went in on Drake, but Meek Mill as well. Joe Budden claimed that he would do the job that […]

Joe Budden – You May Have Bars, But You Can’t Top Drake and Meek’s Beef

By Dymond Mumford One of the best and memorable ‘beefs’ we’ve had in our generation started on Twitter – then led to a grammy nomination. The beef between Meek and Drake has died down, but it looks like a third person is urging to bring problems back with both of the artists. Hailing from New […]

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