Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

By Justin Thomas Twitter: @J_Thomas_24 Instagram:@jaaytea24 Toronto Raptors (1) vs Washington Wizards (8) The 1st seed Raptors will take on the 8th seed Wizards in the 1st round. The Raptors took the season series 2-1 over Washington. Throughout the season the Raptors were the clear cut best team in the east while the Wizards were […]

Drake Shows Support for His Hometown Once Again With New Basketball Program

By Lonnie Gordon III Twitter: @staykreativ Instagram: @stay.kreativ Well, if there was a list of big public figures who gives back to their city, Drake would definitely be close to the top. As many might have noticed already, the Toronto Raptors have already been using Drake’s exclusive OVO style in their franchise. For the culture. . . […]

Chris Bosh’s Career is Likely Over

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 Chris Bosh, long-time member of both the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat, has been informed by NBA medical officials that his career is all but over. For several seasons, Bosh has been suffering from frequent and chronic blood clots present in both his legs and lungs. He has […]

The Toronto Raptors Need to Split Up

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 The Toronto Raptors have become the Los Angeles Clippers of the Eastern Conference. They have found themselves to be one of the most potent regular season teams over the past few seasons, but NBA players don’t settle for just that. NBA players play to win championships, and unfortunately for […]

All Hail the King

By Justin Thomas Twitter: @J_Thomas_24 Instagram: @jaaytea LeBron James is playing absolutely out of his mind in the playoffs this postseason and is proving with each passing game why he is the greatest player of our generation. King James has led the Cleveland Cavaliers to back-to-back series sweeps, first against the Pacers and then most […]

Trade Deadline Winners: The 5 NBA Teams that Won at the Deadline

By Justin Thomas Twitter: @J_Thomas_24 Instagram: @jaaytea24 With the NBA trade deadline having come and gone this past Thursday, the landscape of the league is definitely different. There were teams making much needed trades to either put them in contention for a deep playoff run and teams looking to clean house and gain assets for the […]

The NBA Playoffs are Heating Up, but Who Will Come Out On Top?

By Kayla Solomon The NBA Conference Finals are halfway done, but there is still no clear indication of who the winners of each conference will be. In the East, the Toronto Raptors returned home for Games 3 and 4, managing to tie up their series with the Cleveland Cavaliers at 2 games apiece. During this […]

NBA Playoffs Rundown- Road to the Finals

By Kayla Solomon The NBA Playoffs are coming down to the wire as 16 teams have been narrowed down to a mere four. In the West, there is the reigning champ Golden State Warriors and the explosive Oklahoma City Thunder. In the East, we have the healthy Cleveland Cavaliers and the comeback kids, the Toronto […]

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