Pittsburgh Penguins Take Home Stanley Cup: Recap and Lingering Questions

By Madeline Campbell Twitter: @maddiexcampbell Instagram: @maddiecampbell That’s all, folks. That’s all she wrote. After two months of brutal playoff action, the Pittsburgh Penguins have taken home their second consecutive Stanley Cup— the first for the league during the salary cap era— and Sidney Crosby has won his second consecutive Conn Smythe trophy for playoff […]

Professional Leagues Must Crack Down on Head Injuries

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 In Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguin’s own Sidney Crosby was involved in a physical altercation with Nashville Predator P.K. Subban. Crosby, not a stranger to controversy, repeatedly struck Subban’s head while he was down on the ice, and then repeatedly rammed Subban’s head into […]

The Next Champion in Philadelphia

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 The great city of Philadelphia is highly regarded as one of the unluckiest sports towns in the country. We can all count on two hands the number of championships all current standing teams have as a whole, being spearheaded by the Eagles with a resounding none. But, as 2008 proved […]

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