Lil Wayne Released From the Hospital After Suffering From Seizures

By Keami Sullivan Twitter: @Keami_Ariel Instagram: @ke_of_me Lil Wayne was released from the hospital today after being admitted on Sunday due to seizures. Many thought the seizures were caused by the rappers addiction to lean, which has caused him health problems in the past. However, it’s been reported by those close to him that the […]

Lil Wayne Hospitalized Over Seizure, How Can You Prevent Them?

By Jazz Milligan Epilepsy is defined by the Epilepsy Foundation as a chronic disorder that causes “recurrent, unprovoked seizures; and seizures are sudden urges of electrical activity in the brain”. Recently, Lil Wayne suffered two seizures back to back while on a private plane. TMZ reports that Wayne is resting comfortably in an Omaha hospital […]

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