New Years Resolutions Include Hair Too

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele Reflecting on the things you have accomplished is essential to figuring out who you strive to become as an individual— and the new year is a perfect time to do so! When people think of New Year’s resolutions, they often picture things that will only benefit one’s financial or social abilities. […]

Don’t Let That Cute Hat Go To Waste

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele Ever find yourself in a rush to go somewhere so you plan on just throwing on a hat? But after making your way to your headscarves-and-hats closet, you realize there is no way you’ll fit all that hair in there because it is in a ‘pineapple’. This scenario happened to me […]

Type Four Guys and Girls, Learn to Embrace Your Curls

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele Healthy hair starts with a healthy soul. Your hair will not grow in a healthy manner if you constantly have negative thoughts. In fact, the website Calm Clinic states, “anxiety really can have an effect on hair, and when it does, it can be very distressing for those with hair symptoms.”  Unfortunately, a […]

Taking A Step Back: Does Natural Hair Have Any Value At All?

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele A lot of chocolate girls and guys with natural hair, and those who think about transitioning, ask themselves a very specific question at some point in their hair journey: “why should I care so much about my hair?” In fact, some really believe hair is just hair. They think spending hours […]

Introducing “The Hair Diva” of D.D. Daughters Hair Salon: The Lace Wig Beautique— Miss Myisha Miller

By Hadiyah Weaver Twitter: @HadiyahAW Instagram: @hadiyahweaver  You may have had your hair done before, but you have never had your hair done like this! Myisha Miller also known as “The Hair Diva,” will have you feeling like a new woman as soon as you stand up from her styling chair. That’s right! Located at […]

Tips On How To Repair Damaged Hair From Relaxers

By Jenna Greenlee Twitter: @_FwFayeee_  I’m sure we all have had at least one or two relaxers put into our heads at some point in life. Relaxers are popular among most black women, promising them beautiful straight hair that leaves there natural kinky curls no where to be found. It gives you a break from […]

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