#NewMusicAlert: There’s Nothing Like “School Daze”- Quice London

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy With the Fall semester rolling around shortly, Quice London has something for all you college students out there, as he reminisces about his days in college chasing money, dealing with women, combined with a whole bunch of temptation. More often than not, these are things that come knocking […]

#NewMusicAlert: Lavish- Quice LNDN

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLEvelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy Quice LNDN wants you to ask yourself one question after listening to his new track, “Do you want to live lavish?” The answer may be yes for many folks, but the lavish he is talking about is not confined to materialistic things. He also focuses on bettering one’s […]

Exciting League of Legends Part III Showcase Brings Good Vibes and Good Times

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety  Instagram: @been_trendy  They say good things always come in threes, and that was surely the case at The League of Legends’ third showcase. From start to finish, good vibes were felt as each act got up on stage and rocked the mic. Andrew Kent was the designated director of vibes […]

LegendBound Lights Up League of Legends Show

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety  Instagram: @been_trendy  Without a doubt, the League of Legends concert on June 11 was one to remember, being the first show the collective LegendBound has ever hosted. The show also happened to be a free one, featuring many artists from the Philadelphia and New Jersey area like Kev Rodgers, Young […]

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