YouTube Music Highlights Queen Naija’s “Artist Spotlight Story”

By: Marvianna Gray  Instagram: @marvigasss Twitter: @marvigasss We may all know Queen Naija as the hottest R&B songstress out right now, but our girl has been through it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly! From being homeless & pregnant to experiencing a very public and messy break-up with ex-boyfriend Chris Sails; Queen has managed to […]

Queen Naija is Shaking the Music Industry and Shares Unreleased Song

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Queen Naija has been receiving lots of hate but, who wouldn’t hate on her? I mean she has literally bounced back from a toxic situation to the man of her dreams and is heading herself on the radio, internet radio shows and more – she’s winning at life. Many know […]

Queen Naija Gives Refreshing Live Performance to “Butterflies” on El Matador in LA

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis To hear one of the most beautiful songs off of Queen Naija’s live was something everyone needed to hear. Queen isn’t just dominating the YouTube industry, garnishing over 500,000 views within one day but, she’s also carrying her weight properly in the music industry with a well-designed project. Queen is […]

Queen Naija and ClarenceNYC Make Things Official and Make Joint Instagram

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Queen is doing major things right now. From having a radio smash played everywhere to finding love again, Queen is overcoming all obstacles. During an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro, Queen discussed creating a YouTube channel with her boo Clarence. The two met via social media and has been supporting […]

Queen Naija Releases Self-Titled EP Which Includes Hit Song ‘Medicine’

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Such a beautiful voice to match a more beautiful spirit. Detroit native Queen Naija shook the airwaves when she release her hit song, ‘Medicine,’ and had everyone saying they were going to text Lorenzo. Besides the catchy lyrics, fire beat and being easy to remember, Queen’s emotion was felt through […]

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