Exclusive Childish Gambino “Awaken, My love!” Album Review

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram:  @been_trendy Childish Gambino has been quite busy as of late. Aside from his dynamic show, “Atlanta“, he has just released his third studio album,“Awaken, My love!”. As far as the overall theme goes, not many would have guessed that it would be a soul infused, rock and roll type of […]

Childish Gambino Premiers New Untitled Song on “Atlanta”

By Miya Jones  Twitter: @sweetmjones  Instagram: @sweetmjones  On the new hit show Atlanta, Childish Gambino premiered a new untitled track. This new song played at the end of the fifth episode while Earn and Paper Boi were talking and it continued to play throughout the credits. It has a retro beat complemented by Gambino’s familiar lyricism. Back in June, […]

New Music Alert: Childish Gambino Surprises Fans With Upcoming Summer Shows

By Ngozi Nwanji Fans haven’t heard any new music from Childish Gambino since his last EP, Kauai, which included the hit single, “Sober”. Gambino has announced his return to the music world this summer when he tweeted a link on Friday. The link directed one to an app called PHAROS Earth. The app showed a countdown to the […]

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