Chill Moody is Back At It Again for #MoodyMonday- #WondaCypher & New ‘EP’

by Dayna Allen Daaaaamn Chill Moody is back at it again with another installment for #MoodyMonday! This week Chill Moody brings us the #WondaCypher, produced by the legendary Jerry Wonda. The track features Chill Moody , Church (@officialchurche), Nate Staten (@AllHailStaten), and Famey (@IamFamey). Take  a listen below… For all you true Chill Moody fans, […]

#MoodyMonday: Chill Moody and Justice For All

by Dayna Allen  Rapper Chill Moody was recently invited to speak and perform for TEDxPhiladelphia. The theme, “…and justice for all” is addressed through relevant performance, in which Moody touches on what has gone wrong with the so called “American Dream”. Chill Moody performs two songs: This Song Doesn’t Have a Name and We’re Worth More.

#MoodyMonday: An Inside Look at “TV Made Me Do It” with Chill Moody & Wes Manchild

By Dayna Allen Chill Moody changes it up this week and drops a visual for #MoodyMonday. Chill Moody and Producer Wes Manchild gives you a behind the scenes look of their newest release “TV Made Me Do It”. They break down tracks, talk about the creation of the album and more. Check out the first […]

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