Who Got Snubbed at the 2017 ESPYs?

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 The 2017 ESPYs have come and gone and it was a night filled with awards and deserving winners. However, as is the case with a lot of award shows, there were some major snubs. I’m going to break down the biggest snubs, why they were snubs, and why those who […]

Give Aaron Judge the AL MVP Now

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 The AL MVP race is over, and Aaron Judge is the winner. Even with it being halfway through the 2017 MLB season, no other player embodies what the “Most Valuable Player” is like Aaron Judge. It’s a lot like Russell Westbrook in the NBA, a player dominating all aspects of […]

2017 Home Run Derby: Who Takes the Crown?

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 Judge vs. Stanton. That’s what this year’s Home Run Derby comes down to. Now, the field of competitors is much wider than that, including both  Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton as well as Charlie Blackmon, Gary Sanchez, Mike Moustakas, Miguel Sano, Cody Bellinger, and Justin Bour. However, no matter how […]

MLB’s Biggest Surprises and Disappointments in the Month of June

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 June has come and gone, meaning we are well into the dog days of summer and barreling towards the All-Star break in the world of MLB. At this point of the season, the teams are the way they are and post season positioning is beginning to turn concrete. With that […]

Professional Leagues Must Crack Down on Head Injuries

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 In Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguin’s own Sidney Crosby was involved in a physical altercation with Nashville Predator P.K. Subban. Crosby, not a stranger to controversy, repeatedly struck Subban’s head while he was down on the ice, and then repeatedly rammed Subban’s head into […]

The Next Champion in Philadelphia

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 The great city of Philadelphia is highly regarded as one of the unluckiest sports towns in the country. We can all count on two hands the number of championships all current standing teams have as a whole, being spearheaded by the Eagles with a resounding none. But, as 2008 proved […]

Best MLB Players by Position in the League Today

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_  Instagram:  @zachhaines15 MLB is filled with wildly talented players, that much is true. But conversations always come up of who the best player is at any given position. I figured I’d give my analysis and input on just who is the best player at every position in the game of baseball […]

The Bronx is Burning in a Good Way

By Justin Thomas Twitter: @J_Thomas_24 Instagram: @jaaytea24 The past few years haven’t been particularly great for one of the most prestigious franchises in sports. Since 2001, the New York Yankees have only seen the World Series once, winning in 2009 against the Philadelphia Phillies. But this seems rather poor for a team that many say […]

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