Don’t Y’all Know That “HE77 is HERE” And Not Beneath The Earth?

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy On July, 7 2017, there was a planetary shift that occurred in the western hemisphere. That’s right! KilConfirmed dropped his debut project, “HE77 is HERE”, which is a body of work full of negro spirituals. From the cover art to the lyrical content, one will able to discern […]

#ArtistToWatch: Lavva Girl Embraces Her Unique Style

By Miya Jones Twitter: @miyajones1996 Instagram: @sweetmjones “I feel it’s my job as an artist to express myself, and reflect the times. So just expect that!” What you see is what you get with Philly rapper, Lavva Girl. The Legendbound artist was born in South Philly and raised in the 610 county. Growing up, she […]

#Spotlight: “Skrippaz” by LavvaGirl ft. KilConfirmed

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis The last artist in the “Spotlight of the Week” series is Philadelphia’s own, Lavva Girl. Lavva Girl showed viewers that she is more than a Temple student and a pretty face. Lavva Girl teamed up with her boyfriend KilConfirmed, who produced her first song LIMEWIRE 2009. The two […]

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