Is Everything You Know a Spell? Enter the “Lionsgate” By KilConfirmed and Cloud Atrium

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy Is it real? What if everything you thought you knew is a spell? This is the question Cloud Atrium proposes in the chorus of a new song by the name of “LionsGate”, which he and KilConfirmed tandemly produced. KilConfirmed opens the very lion’s gate, channeling his very reality […]

#NewMusicAlert: There’s Nothing Like “School Daze”- Quice London

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy With the Fall semester rolling around shortly, Quice London has something for all you college students out there, as he reminisces about his days in college chasing money, dealing with women, combined with a whole bunch of temptation. More often than not, these are things that come knocking […]

Don’t Y’all Know That “HE77 is HERE” And Not Beneath The Earth?

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy On July, 7 2017, there was a planetary shift that occurred in the western hemisphere. That’s right! KilConfirmed dropped his debut project, “HE77 is HERE”, which is a body of work full of negro spirituals. From the cover art to the lyrical content, one will able to discern […]

You Want To Move To “California”? Kilconfirmed Drops New Song For The Culture

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy There’s just something about Kilconfirmed that has allowed him to constantly evolve over the course of the new year. Maybe it’s because he has become a vegan? Or maybe it’s because he has more to offer than just production? Or maybe it’s because his girlfriend and daughter have […]

#ArtistToWatch: Lavva Girl Embraces Her Unique Style

By Miya Jones Twitter: @miyajones1996 Instagram: @sweetmjones “I feel it’s my job as an artist to express myself, and reflect the times. So just expect that!” What you see is what you get with Philly rapper, Lavva Girl. The Legendbound artist was born in South Philly and raised in the 610 county. Growing up, she […]

#ArtistToWatch The Multi-talented Kilconfirmed, Taking Producing and Rapping by Force

By: Ngozi Nwanji Twitter: @ZNwanji Instagram: @znwanji You’re looking at a young legend in the making. Philly native Kilconfirmed is a multi-talented artist: a producer, an audio engineer, a rapper and an ‘artivist’ as he calls himself. Authentic and skilled rappers are hard to come by these days, but Kilconfirmed makes his art look so […]

#NewMusicAlert: Lavish- Quice LNDN

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLEvelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy Quice LNDN wants you to ask yourself one question after listening to his new track, “Do you want to live lavish?” The answer may be yes for many folks, but the lavish he is talking about is not confined to materialistic things. He also focuses on bettering one’s […]

Kilconfirmed Feels Like “The Most High” in New Track

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy Now, some people use this term, “The Most High”, very loosely and fail to acknowledge its true essence that can actually be within one’s spiritual or higher self. Kilconfirmed is not only keen to his higher self, but the cover art for “The Most High” track allows one […]

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