Happy Birthday to Barack Obama, Marques Houston and Youtuber Jackie Aina.

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Leo Season is in full effect and we have to send a special birthday shoutout to our previous president Barack Obama, singer Marques Houston and Youtuber Jackie Aina. Obama, the first African-American president, is celebrating his 56th birthday today. We appreciate everything he did for our country and […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Comedian, Beauty Guru and Advocate Jackie Aina

By Naomi Abrahams Twitter: @justnaomi_ Instagram: @officiallynaomi Who: Jackie Aina About: Beauty Current Subscribers: 1,501,796 subscribers Starting Month/Year: Mar 12, 2006 Most Recent Video: Things Dark Skin People CAN’T DO! And Other Lies/Myths Jackie Aina is a YouTube Sensation widely known for her “Trends We’re Ditching” yearly comedy videos that pick fun at trends that were […]

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