Zach Zoya Embodies Regret in “Superficial” Visual

By Andrew Smith  Montreal-based hip-hop/RnB artist Zach Zoya’s single “Superficial”, has recently been met with a newly released music video filled with strong evening visuals and an air of midnight contemplation. The video shows Zoya hopelessly wandering the evening’s deserted city streets, creating a mood of dispirited solitude. His feelings of dealing with a fresh […]

Why These 5 Artists Are At The Top

By Jordan Saibu Twitter: @JSaibu Instagram: @jordansaibu Every artist has their own style and way of expressing themselves. However, I believe that to be great and to be one of the top music artists is to have impacted music consistently over time. So with that being said, I am going to give you my top […]

3 Reasons Why Female Rappers Can’t Get Along

By Jahnai Acosta Twitter: @_blackvelma Instagram: @cloudsofj With the variety of female rappers now emerging and getting recognition for their talents, it’s time we took a step back and figured out why there is always a beef between these women. Men have stood side-by-side throughout their careers, but female rappers just can’t seem to get […]

The Greatest Thing We Didn’t Know We Needed: “The Working Title Podcast”

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn Don’t let the rumors fool you, podcasts are actually where it’s at. Now I for one was never a podcast type of person, but here’s one reason you need to start getting into them – “The Working Title Podcast.” What most people see as an afterthought, this podcast is on […]

Hip-Hop/R&B Officially Becomes The Most Popular Genre of Music In The United States

By Dominique Carter  Twitter: @DommyCBabyy Instagram: @dommycbaby Forbes has announced the highest selling song, album, and most popular genre for the first half of the year, and for the first time since it’s been around, Hip-Hop/R&B has surpassed Rock as the most listened to genre in the country. Hip-Hop/R&B has reportedly been 25.1% of music consumption, while […]

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