Dear America, What Happened?!? Sincerely a Hillary Clinton Supporter

By Jazz Milligan Instagram: @jazz_milligan  Y’all……y’all……..y’all!!! What have we done?! How in the world have the citizens of the United States voted in this orange, tan mom looking man? I understand that many people felt that Hillary Clinton did not focus on issues of police brutality, or was the face of the establishment, but in […]

Donald Trump Becomes America’s 45th President

By Miya Jones Twitter: @sweetmjones  Instagram: @sweetmjones  On Election Day Donald Trump did what many thought was impossible, and beat Hillary Clinton, becoming the 45th president of the United States. Coverage of the election ran constantly on every media outlet and everyone was encouraged to make their way to the polls. At one point during […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: “Do You Boo”, Shameless Maya Encourages Viewers to Do What They Want to Do

By Hadiyah Weaver Twitter: @HadiyahAW Instagram: @hadiyahweaver Who: Maya Washington a.k.a. Shameless Maya About: Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger Current Subscribers: Over 750,000 subscribers Starting Month/Year: January 2012 Most Recent Video: Unicorn Halloween Makeup Tutorial Collab with Alex Faction Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present to some, and introduce to others the tech-savvy, inspirational, […]

If you Don’t Want to Take 10 Steps Backwards, Go Vote!

By Jazz Milligan Instagram: @jazz_milligan Hey everyone! For this week’s Jazz’s Take, I want to talk about this election. With the final presidential debate behind us, and the election a week and a half away, it is important to remind ourselves that it will all be over soon. However, with that said, I want to […]

Pusha T Shows His Support for Hillary Clinton with a Meet and Greet

By Miya Jones  Twitter: @sweetmjones  Instagram: @sweetmjones  Hillary Clinton has enlisted the help of some unlikely allies during this campaign election. One of the those allies are Pusha T. If you register to vote on Clinton’s website, you get the chance to meet Pusha T backstage and your travel and accommodations will be covered. Clinton […]

Karen Civil and Freeway Come To Temple To Plead Case for Hillary Clinton

By Miya Jones Twitter: @sweetmjones  Instagram: @sweetmjones  Hillary Clinton has had a lot of support from popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kerry Washington, and two of her celebrity friends, Karen Civil and Freeway, came to Temple University. Both the major media mogul and State Property rapper visited the campus’ student center and argued their case […]

Voting 101: Use Your Right to Vote D*mmit!

By Jazz Milligan Instagram: @jazz_milligan It is now down to the wire in the 2016 Presidential Election and the nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are neck and neck in the polls. The threat of Trump becoming president could possibly come true and those who are able to vote need to because if Trump is elected […]

The DNC Shows the RNC How to Do Day One of a Convention, the Right Way

By Jazz Milligan The Democratic National Convention kicked off yesterday and to say it was memorable is an understatement. Taking place in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center, the DNC showcased the Democratic Party’s commitment to liberal causes such as LGBTQ rights, ending police brutality, immigration reform, and helping out the millions of people in […]

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