Tatiana Price Goes from Top Runway Model to Beauty Entrepreneur

By Chynna Cummings  Tatiana Elizabeth Price was a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model (ANTM)” cycle 23. Price was a model full-time before participating on “ANTM”. In the process of modeling full-time, Price started to focus on running her business, SkinButtr. SkinButtr is a beauty brand dedicated to hydrating skin types step-by-step. Price wanted […]

Don’t Let the Semester Finish You

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr With the holidays coming up, it’s a sign that the semester is coming to an end. Whether you’re a freshmen or senior, everyone is trying to end the semester strong, in order to truly enjoy winter break. Assignments piled on each other can cause an individual to become […]

Waka Flocka Flame, Mya, & Russell Simmons Talk About Why They Went Vegan

By Dominique Carter Twitter: @DommyCBabyy Instagram: @dommycbaby Health is becoming more and more popular everyday, and two lifestyles that are becoming the most popular are becoming a vegetarian or a vegan. Of course, there are other reasons that people choose to embrace this lifestyle, the cruelty of animals being another key reason. Waka Flocka, Mya […]

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and Why it Matters

By Dominique Carter Twitter: @DommyCBbayy Instagram:@dommycbaby As a psychology minor, I’ve realized how important mental health is when it comes to people. Mental health has always been pushed aside, especially by minorities, when there are issues that people see as bigger issues, because they are physical. For example, when somebody is homeless, we only see […]

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