#ThinkDymond: Dymond Alexis Turns 21 (including Exclusive Footage with Kehlani)

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis I was getting so hype while I was editing because I have seen myself grow so much and not just my age. I have grown mentally and creatively, perfecting my craft while obtaining a degree. It gets hard of course being a student and chasing your dreams at […]

The Fre$H $ide Twins and Asia Sparks Gives Viewers a 1990Flex Flashback

By Dymond Mumford Twitter: @dymondalexis  Instagram: @dymondalexis  The fashion forward duo Fre$h $ide Collective collaborated with female spitter, Asia Sparks for a flashback to the 90s. Fre$h $ide Collective teamed with up with the infamous, Jeantrix. Jeantrix is a fashion and art brand originating out of Philadelphia area. The creative visual showcase the twins in […]

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