African Americans Aren’t Too Jolly About Forever 21 Wakanda Christmas Sweater

By: Isaac Breese Instagram: @pinsandlapels Medium: @pinsandlapels Imagine a superhero movie with a predominantly black cast that takes place in Africa. From the superhero to the extras everyone is of a brown complexion with the acceptation of a few people.  The movie served as an inspiration to Africans and African Americans around of the world […]

Forever 21 Knocks off Rihanna Shoes, Catches Lawsuit From PUMA

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Brands are known for taking styles and ideas from others, recreating their own product. For years, I have seen an item drop and months later a knock-off is released in a lower brand’s store. Last week, PUMA filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 alleging that the retailer infringed […]

Your Guide to Black Friday: How to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

By Zuri Hoffman Twitter: @ZuriH_ Instagram: @yosoyzuri Whether you’re shopping for yourself this Black Friday, or looking to snag some great deals for Christmas, it is important to know which stores are having the best deals. Without some guidance as to which places will give you the most bang for your buck, Black Friday could merely be […]

Thanksgiving Outfits That are Cute in the Dining Room and Comfortable in the Kitchen

By Joy Cato Twitter: @JoyCato Instagram: @joycato  Thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner and us ladies must prepare. I for one am always looking for a glamorous, yet simple look for my Thanksgiving celebration. Simple because, if your family is as great in numbers as mine, dinner usually entails a crowded dinner table, long […]

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