13 UNC Football Players Suspended for Selling Nike Jordans

By Benaiah Brittany  Instagram: benaiahbrittany The beginning of August means one thing for college football players. Fall camp. The excitement is at an all time high as players prepare themselves for four weeks of nonstop gruesome hard-work. But not these 13 University of North Carolina football players. The 13 athletes were suspended for at least […]

Beyond the Bye Week: Will Eagles Continue to Win?

By Nay Kamari Twitter: @nay_kamari Instagram: @nay_kamari I know that readers of this article probably are expecting me to drop the “S” word somewhere in here. Although I do think that a ring is long overdue for Philadelphia, I’m not going to do it just yet. The maturation of Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz’s breakout season, […]

NFL Trade Deadline Winners and Loser

By Aaron Randolph Twitter: @ForeverAcee Instagram: @_aaron20 The 2017 NFL trade deadline is over with, and there were some really big winners and losers from this year’s deadline. There were also some moves that I thought were quite questionable and surprising. The 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles were able to make a trade with the Miami Dolphins. […]

The NFL Steps Up Showing Solidarity During the National Anthem

By Miya Jones Twitter: @miyajones1996 Instagram: @sweetmjones Since recent tragedies and events such as the shooting, Michael Brown, the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the mysterious death of Sandra Bland have occurred, people have reacted differently. Some have come together in protest, some have been on the opposite racist end of the spectrum, and others have stood […]

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