Kehlani Shows Her Sweet Sexy and Savage Sides With Debut Album

By Miya Jones and Ngozi Nwanji Twitter: @sweetmjones, @ZNwanji Instagram: @sweetmjones, @znwanji Ngozi “Piece of Mind” This track hits home for me, because the melody is similar to “As I Am”, which is from her first mixtape, “Cloud 19″. It’s also my favorite song by her. Kehlani is an artist that wants to help her […]

The Fearless and Gifted Kehlani: Her Road of Dominating The R&B Industry

By Ngozi Nwanji Twitter: @ZNwanji  Instagram: @znwanji  I’ve been a fan of Kehlani since her first mixtape, Cloud 19. When I first heard “As I Am” I was taken aback by her voice. It was delicate, but held a great amount of emotion and power. She was one of those R&B singers that made you feel like […]

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