Blackaphillyated Presents ‘Who’s Up Next,’ Jersey Edition

By: Marvianna Gray  Instagram: @marvigasss Twitter: @marvigasss That’s right #Aphillyates, Blackaphillyated is coming to JERSEYYYY. We’re teaming up with our girl Cocoa Samone to showcase some of the state’s hottest talents! Join us next Saturday, December 15th for some good music, good drank, and good vibes at the Cocoa Empire Bar in Orange, NJ. Peep the line-up […]

PnB Rock Talks Catch These Vibes, Having Two Shows in One Day and More with Dymond Alexis

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis PnB Rock has been working non-stop since he made his debut in the music industry, constantly releasing music for his fans and coming to cities near them. The Philadelphia native is coming back home for PnB Rock Day, January 13th, and is having two concerts to celebrate it. Rock announced […]

#ThinkDymond: Kat Tat Talks Breaking Barriers, Black Ink Crew: Chicago and More

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis After running in the rain, I caught up with Black Ink Crew Chicago’s leading lady, Kat Tat for an amazing interview in New York City. Kat discussed her time in New York City and how she overcame barriers over the years. Hearing her story in person made her […]

#ArtistToWatch: Rising Socialite and Founder of the #FreakHoeChallenge, Suki Hana

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Rising socialite, comedian and artist Suki Hana is on her way to stardom. After creating the #FreakHoeChallenge, Suki entered the industry suddenly after her freestyle to Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” instrumental with viral. Tonight I WILL BE PERFORMING ❗❗❗IN PHILLY AT @johnniebleu ❗❗❗ A post shared by […]

#ThinkDymond EP5: Dymond Alexis Speaks With Ridiculously Ryan on Bad Girls Club, New Music and More

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Dymond Alexis, CEO of Blackaphillyated, spoked with Bad Girls Club’s 17th season star: Ridiculously Ryan. During their interview Ridiculously Ryan, also known as Ryan Rose, talked about her time on Bad Girls Club, pursuing music and her experience in Cali and Atlanta. Watch the interview to learn more […]

Support Blackaphillyated By Helping Us Reach the Next Level! Any Donation and Prayer is Appreciated

By Blackaphillyated Staff Donating to the Blackaphillyated team would benefit us tremendously. The website is funded through Dymond Alexis whom is a full-time college student, making it by through donations and staff members’ support. The funds would be used for taking us to the next level. We need funds to help pursue our dreams, without […]

#ThinkDymond: Dymond Alexis Talks Blackaphillyated, Job with Sony Music and More with Premiere Radio

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis Did ya’ll know that I used to be super shy and know you can’t get me to stop talking. It’s amazing seeing my growth, within myself personally and my website.  Temple University’s student ran station Premiere Radio interviews me about managing Blackaphillyated, working with Sony Music, dealing with […]

#ThinkDymond: Dymond Alexis Turns 21 (including Exclusive Footage with Kehlani)

By Dymond Alexis Twitter: @dymondalexis Instagram: @dymondalexis I was getting so hype while I was editing because I have seen myself grow so much and not just my age. I have grown mentally and creatively, perfecting my craft while obtaining a degree. It gets hard of course being a student and chasing your dreams at […]

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