The Growing Representation of the Alternative Black Girl

By Medina Shaw Instagram: @medinas97 “But you not actually black though,” This is what has been said to me pretty much my entire life. For as long as I can remember, my identity has been questioned and put up for scrutiny by my family and peers. As a little black girl, I was constantly being […]

There’s More To The Black Narrative Than Our Suffering

By: Ngozi Nwanji Twitter: @ZNwanji Instagram: @znwanji “Detroit”. It’s the film that tells the untold story about the 1967 Detroit riot. The violent event is said to be one of the most horrific and deadliest riots in America’s history. The film stars John Boyega (“Star Wars”), Will Poulter (“The Revenant”), Algee Smith (“The New Edition […]

3 Beauty Box Subscriptions for Natural Hair that Will Make your Hair Happy and your Wallet Happier

By Adrienne Lloyd Twitter: @Adrienne_Elle Instagram: @adrienne_elle Ladies, we all know how frustrating it can be to stand aimlessly in the aisles of CVS or Target looking for the perfect product that will make your curls pop. If you have natural hair, then you understand how much time and money can be spent on finding […]

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