#ArtistToWatch: Tate Kobang Finds His Lane With His Newly Released Project, ‘Tate Ko’

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn This Baltimore native is on a mission to prove he’s the best thing to come out of the city. You may know him as Tate Kobang, the 25 year-old rapper who released the now classic Baltimore hit “Bank Rolls (Remix)” a few years ago, but to his city he’s a […]

#ArtistToWatch: Upcoming Rapper, Finagobaby Expands His Style on His Latest Project,”Butter”

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn The burst of talented artists coming out of Baltimore has been quite impressive and this native rapper definitely lives up to the hype. Baltimore’s own Finagobaby has recently released his latest project “Butter” composes of 14 tracks featuring artists like Lil Burnout, ScoreSwayze, and Young Ble$$sed. Finagobaby produces some of […]

YBS Skola Drops New Mixtape ‘Only Hope 2’

By Lauryn Taylor Twitter: @Taylorr_Lauryn Instagram: @lauryn_taylorr ​One of Baltimore’s hottest rappers, YBS Skola recently dropped a new mixtape “Only Hope 2” and it is definitely fire. YBS Skola honored his mentor Lor Scoota on the mixtape, who was tragically killed in the summer of 2016. After his murder, Skola stepped up to the challenge of being the […]

Upcoming Baltimore Artist, Chris Cassius Releases His New EP ‘Chest Vest Music’

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn  This upcoming artist has been creating a buzz in his hometown and now he’s ready to expand his audience with his new project. Nearly a year after dropping his debut project “6BRIX”, East Baltimore native, Chris Cassius has just released his sophomore mixtape, “Chest Vest Music.” His new project is […]

#ArtistToWatch: Micheal Taylor Releases First SoundCloud Track “Red Dot”

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn If you made it to The Demo Tape’s first “4th Quarter Live” show this past Friday or read the recap, you probably already have an idea of who Micheal Taylor is, but if not you will soon. The young Baltimore artist, producer turned rapper, has only been recording his own […]

#ArtistToWatch: Meet Deetranada, a Young Aspiring Rapper Grinding Her Way to the Top of the Rap Game

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn Don’t sleep on her, this 16-year old rapper is just getting started. From a YouTube freestyle to starring on Jermaine Dupri’s “The Rap Game,” young female rapper Deetranada is representing for her city the right way and she has a very bright future ahead of her. Coming straight out of […]

#ArtistToWatch: Baltimore’s Own YBS Skola is Up Now

By Njera Perkins Twitter: @_l0veautumn Instagram: @l0veautumn Baltimore’s music scene has experienced a lot of setbacks within the past year, but the city’s hottest talents are rising to the forefront and putting Baltimore rap on the map again. The music scene in Baltimore has always had an interesting style, but the new wave of rap […]

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