Aliya Janell Bid 2017 Farewell With New Choreography to ‘Juicy Booty’ by Chris Brown featuring Jhene Aiko & R. Kelly

By Kaylah Bryan Instagram: @burly.b Aliya Janell closed 2017 by releasing new choreography to “Juicy Booty” by Chris Brown featuring Jhene Aiko & R Kelly. Aliya Janell has had a strong year as she was recognized by numerous people including stars like Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. Her recognition all began with her choreography, released during […]

#WCW: Dancer, Model and Choreographer Aliya Janell

By Jahnai Acosta Twitter: @_blackvelma Instagram: @cloudsofj Dancer, Model, Choreographer, and Brand Ambassador Aliya Janell has taken her love of dancing and is helping women and men all over the Los Angeles area find confidence within themselves and their sexuality. Queens N’ Lettos is her heels dancing class that takes place every week at the hottest dance […]

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