Has Drake Crossed the Line or is He just Wearing his Crown Accordingly?

By Paiea Kalili Twitter: @theFLYinHAWiian  Instagram: @theflyinhawiian Historically, it seems that most Kings end up with their heads cut off. There is a lot of truth in the statement meaning, when you are on top, there is always somebody that wants your spot and will take you out to get it. In the current musical landscape […]

OVO Fest Was Packed with Grinding, Star-Power and Surprises

By Aaron Ball Drake has took his time to reassure that OVO Fest would be fanatical. This year marks the seventh annual edition of his Toronto-based music festival. The level of hype surrounding OVO fest was through the roof, but the 6 God made sure he put his money where his mouth was. Many surprises […]

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