T-Pain Cancels Tour Due To Ticket Sales

By: Khalid , Instagram/Twitter: @OkayKhalid

“I was advised to lie about this and say that I needed some time or I needed some alone time or me time. Ah, or some shit like that… We fucked up. I’mma keep it real with y’all. Most artists lie… I think that’s wrong, that’s fucked up.”

T-Pain has announced that he is canceling all dates on his 1UP Tour. In an Instagram, the rapper posted a video explaining that low ticket sales are to blame for the cancellation and tool taking full responsibility.

“My team set up the tour in September… If you’ve ever set up a whole month-long tour before, you’d know that’s not enough time to set up a full tour.” He said. T-Pain also revealed that he was told to cover up the truth. Instead he wanted to keep things open and honest with his audience, which you can see in the post below:

The 1Up Tour was expected to start October 23rd. With this cancellation, do you think T-Pain will be organizing a new tour any time soon?

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