Recap: Summer Jam Highs and Lows With Marvi

By Marvianna Gray

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I remember when I first went to summer jam back in 2015 and I was all the way in the BACK! Section 124 and I still had an amazing time, but THIS YEAR I got the opportunity to be in the 6th section on the floor (Shouts out to Hot 97 for the tickets!).

Yo, the concert was AMAZING! Everyone who came through made sure to give us a show. Of course, the weather did interfere but for the most part everyone came out and showed how the East Coast gets down!

Now, I’m a HUGE concert & hip-hop music junky. I live for live performances I’ve seen almost every artist in my 22 years of life and I’m still going. But my favorite performances at Summer Jam this year had to be Tory Lanez, Casanova, Meek Mill, A Boogie, Kendrick Lamar and of course the greatest rapper of all time Lil Weezy Wee!


I was star struck when Lil Wayne walked out to “Mr. Carter,” my sister literally had to pinch me because I was in such awe of how Wayne made the stage his. Like, homeboy really blessed the Summer Jam stage. Then another favorite part of mine was the Reggae segment! Being a born Jamaican you know I got love for my music, but man Kranium blew me away. He sang “Nobody Have to Know,” acappella and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

But I’m not even going to lie Hot 97 disappointed me when they cut the Reggae segment because they ran out of time. Aidonia didn’t even get to perform, it was kind of screwed up because he was getting the crowd hyped and they just cut him off. I believe they should’ve just let him rock out.

Oh yeah! my final favorite moment was of course Philly’s Meek Milly. This man rode in on a damn bike iced out! I think he had about 8 chains on and 6 bracelets DIAMONDS glistening. Talk about a statement! He had my college loans on.


Summer Jam definitely did their thing this year and their line-up was worth watching. Even little Dream Doll was the cutest thing, I love her energy. Summer Jam 2k18 was definitely a night to remember, my voice is still gone. Shout out to Hot 97 again for the wonderful seats and experience!


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