Stop Wearing Cutoff Shorts To The Gym: Look Good & Get Lean With These Items For him & her

I’m sure many of you have made new years resolutions to finally drop that freshman 15 or just get ripped

For some, you may have never touched the gym or go seldom. Some of you may even have a set schedule for when you go to the gym.

But if you’re anything like me you’ve been going to the gym in cutoff sweatpants, beat up basketball kicks and any shirt you got from an event you probably didn’t want to go to in the first place

But who wants to go to the gym in below par gym clothes? Nobody.

If you going to hit the gym and get those gains you might as well look good doing it.

Now normally I just pick menswear items but it’s a new year so I’m doing new things. In this post, both menswear and womenswear will be featured. After all what good is it for a man to care about his appearance if the women don’t do the same.


Nike, Indy Logo Bra

Stay dry and look good with this comfy, sweat-wicking bra.

Contender Laser Cut ⅞ Tight

If I was a woman I would definitely snatch these tights. They are great for workout indoors and out and have laser-cut details on the leg for airflow where you actually want it. Not to mention they are sweat-wicking too so they’ll go great with your Nike bra.

Nike, Air Zoom Elevate

I know it’s only January but this is the best all-around workout shoe you’ll buy in 2019. Great for gym, training, and boxing plus it has a lightweight upper with the responsiveness of Nike Zoom Air cushioning for max comfort through even the most grueling workouts.

Lululemon, Align Short 4”

Get your booty right this winter with these shorts from Lululemon. Being high-rise, these shorts eliminate all distractions and provide maximum comfort so you can worry less about your gear and focus more on those squats. Get those gains girl !

CamelBak Brook, Water Bottle 20oz

Ditch the plastic water bottle and give your fluids what they deserve; a slim non-slip container that with vacuum insulation to keep it cold all day long. Because no one wants warm water after a hard workout.

PUMA Explosive Arrive Coverup

Wear this hoodie for one reason and one reason only; to look good before and after the workout.

UA, Armour Tie Headband

Keep the sweat out your eyes and your hair in it’s place with tis headband by Under Armour.

Good American, The Dual Life Crop Top

Look good and get lean all at once in this crop top. Zip if up when you’re getting serious zip it down when you’re feeling sexy.

Nike Element Hoodie

Bundle up without having to throw on too many layers with this hoodie. From the thumbholes to the hood everything is covered the ensure the cold stays out and the warmth stays in. And don’t worry about your sweat getting you wet and cold the Dri-FIT technology will take care of that.

Motiv 24/7 Smart Ring

Fitness tracking just did a massive downsizing project. Now all you have to do is slip on a ring and track everything from sleep, active heart rate and steps


TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

If tried to listen to music at the gym you know how difficult it can get sometimes. It can be distracting. Stop holding your phone in your hand and letting it slip out your pocket. Get an armband and move it out the way so you can focus on those gains.

Nike, Metcon 4 XD

This shoe was built for ultimate stability and durability so you can take on the hardest of strenght workouts from sprints, sled pushes, and lifts. The 3-D print reinforces the shoe for durability so you can outlast the workout, the midsole provides optimal cushoning for sprints and the flat platform has plenty of grip to help you stay connected to the ground during explosive lifts.

Grand AC, Liam Short

Ever seen and all in one short? Well now you have. These shorts by Grand AC has am elasticed drawstring waistband for comfort and zip pockets in the side seam, back and waisteband to store all your necessities. And don’t worry about getting compression shorts these shorts already have you covered.

Under Armour, HeatGear Compression ¾ Leggings

If you really want compression shorts go with the ¾ leggings and pair them with a pair of shorts you already have. Or just buy them along with a short from Grand AC without the compression shorts.

Grand AC, Damien Pant

I know, it’s a lot of talk of Grand AC but I promise this is the last time you’ll see the brand in this post. The brand is simply amazing that I had to add two items from them especuially these sweats which are so fire they’re burning up as we speak.

Fila, Anderson Barrel Duffel

Fila has definitely made a comeback in 2018 with the help of a resurgence of chunky ‘dsneakers. But this year we’re talking about them for more than just footwear. This head to the gym with your Fila duffle to carry all your gym essentials.

Uniqlo, Dry Stretch Sweat Hoodie

This is arguable the best activewear hoodie you can get on a budget. And I’m not just saying that, I’m speaking from experience. I wear this hoodie all the time when I go for runs. It keeps you warm during the run and dry after you’ve sweated buckets.

Garmin, Viviosmart 3

Every lost track of how many reps you did? Sets? Both? I can’t be the only one that does this. If you’re like me sometimes you wish you had someone there couting for you. This device does just that and more.


For when those long unattractive tube socks just aren’t cutting it (which is usually all the time).

Y,IWO, Printed T-shirt

If this shirt doesn’t make you push yourself I don’t know what will. All I ask is that you don’t puke. At least wait till you leave the gym.

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