#RECAP: Blackaphillyated’s ‘Who’s Up Next: Jersey Edition’ Showcase

By Dymond Alexis

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Blackaphillyated has been a stepping stone for upcoming artists and now, has entered into the New Jersey music scene.

Welcoming ten artists hailing from surrounding areas including Elizabeth, Newark and more, the audience were introduced to these rising artists and learned more about what Jersey has to offer musically. The night started off with Ant Kan$cious, who captured the audience with his lyrics and his vibe. Ant calls himself “soul bruvah” and after his performance I understood why.

After Ant set the tone, Tiy had everyone bouncing with his new single “Uhh” which not only had me hype but, everyone in the venue as well! Drinks were put down and the audience was definitely vibing with him! He brought out Juice Potter, who also performed in the showcase and after this, the atmosphere was lit and the performances began to roll!

From Johnna Booth serenading us acapella with a heartfelt original song to Shaq Woods cooking it up on “Freaky,” Blackaphillyated’s “Who’s Up Next?” Jersey Edition was a night to remember. Johnna’s voice was so soothing and powerful that no one cared if it was acapella, the vocals were amazing. She did a duet with friend and artist, Kanard, and they killed their performance together. SAMIR was another favorite who’s energy was high the entire time and his flow was crazy too!

All of the performances were amazing and I loved how each artist added their own flavor and kept the energy high no matter what. SeeChelle performed “Eastside,” (which I was super excited to see live). Her vibe was everything and she even got sexy after performing “Eastside,” leading into her second song.

Another favorite that I had from the show was SnapSouth who really snapped on the beat. He killed his song “Still Grippin” and followed up with “L.A.D.D.E.R.” which he rapped acapella. I was so impressed by the lyrics and the way this guy flowed, I was left speechless. His flow was crazy and had a message also. Ehm followed Snap and she gave us sexy vibes too!

We ended the show with King Braize who had a special message for the audience which was, important. He started off his set with a song titled “For Black Women,” which highlighted black women in such a positive light and ended his set by teaching us how to love. He brought on close friend SeeChelle who is featured on the song with him and the two killed it!

Overall I was very impressed with the lineup and I’m excited to see where these artists will be!

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