Q&A about The Jawn Joi’s New Single “Robbery” featuring Akbar V and Akaila Mulan

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From the cover art to the hook, The Jawn Joi is definitely up to something with her new single, “Robbery.”

Linking up with rising Atlanta artist, Akbar V and Akaila Mulan. Listen to “Robbery” below and check out her look behind the music.

Dymond Alexis: Was music always your passion?

The Jawn Joi:

Yes, music has always my passion. My first memory of wanting to do music and wanting to perform was in 4th grade for my school talent show and wanting to perform Ashanti. The school wouldn’t let me because they felt it wasn’t appropriate for my age, so I chose a different song. From there I detoured into acting and at the age of 17,  I decided to start rapping. From there, I decided to continue doing that because I became addicted to the progress I continued to make

D: How did you and Akbar V link up?

The Jawn Joi: Me and Akbar V met back in 2017 at Means Street Studios and we just clicked. From there, I interviewed her for my YouTube interview series “The Jawn Joi” and we spoke about collaborating on music. I had the ‘Robbery’ track already recorded from a studio session with Jess Carp and Akaila Mulan. At the top of 2018, Jess and I spoke about putting someone on the second verse and to put the song out; the first person who came to mind for me was Akbar. She embodied the presence of record and I knew she’d be the puzzle piece to set the record off.

D: What’s the inspiration behind “Robbery?”

The Jawn Joi: The inspiration of ‘Robbery’ came from working hard for everything you have and making it known that no one can or will take anything that we work for in life, especially as a woman in this world. I wanted to showcase female unity and portray women from different backgrounds who all have one thing in common: winning!

D: What’s next for you?

The Jawn Joi: What’s next for me is to continue to push the “Robbery” record. I want to push the song to a level where different women in the game all hop on it and it becomes an anthem for female unity for my generation the same way “Ladies Night” did. I’ll be dropping more records to get fans and supporters more aquatinted with my sound. I also have my show “The Jawn Joi” on Dash Radio’s Southside Station that is continuing to grow.

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