Q & A with Painter & Tattoo Artist Solo

By Dayna Allen


Solo is a painter and tattoo artist hailing from the Philly area who puts his thoughts on a canvas whenever he can. He would probably describe himself as multi-talented and an outsider not looking to fit in to the norm. At age 24, things are just heating up for the artist. He had his first art show in 2015 at Here’s to Cool Stuff located on South Street in Philadelphia, PA. He is now tattooing at Taino Ink in the Juniata area of North  Philadelphia. I sat down with Solo for a Q & A where he unfolded on his love for art and his plans for it.


 Dayna: What do you go by as an artist?
Solo: Most people just call me Darryl but I go by Solo. Some people call me Hansolo because of my Instagram name but it doesn’t really matter to me.

Dayna: What is art for you?

Solo: Art to me is a way to channel and release my emotions. A lot of men like to pretend they don’t feel anything but in reality all they’re doing is bottling it up. I used to do that but I realized that wasn’t healthy. Everyone has to vent in some way, art is my way.


 Dayna: What inspires you?
Solo: I’m inspired by the unknown. I like to ask the questions that don’t get asked. The “why are we here” type questions. I think about life a lot and the big picture of what’s going on. I’m really spaced out most of the time. I can’t help it.


Dayna: What do you love about tattooing?
Solo:Tattooing is a great way for the average person to enjoy my art. I love painting more but most people will buy a tattoo before a painting so I’m meeting the general public “half way” lol.


FullSizeRenderDayna: Why do you paint?
Solo: Painting is the outlet that helps me the most with my depression. There isn’t any rules or mistakes in painting. I’m free to create how I please and all I’m doing is showing the world my thoughts. It’s natural for me. I think I’d go insane without it.


Dayna: Would you ever open up your own shop?
Solo:No I don’t think I’ll open my own shop. That’s not what I want out of tattooing. I do feel like I have leader qualities but It’s not in my personality to be anyone’s boss.


Dayna: What’s your ultimate goal?
Solo: My ultimate goal is to be well known for art. I want as many people as possible to know my work. I want to be known as the epitome of an artist. I tattoo,rap and paint at the moment but more than likely will pick up other art forms in my later years. I want everyone to see what it means to truly be an artist. From my flaws to my accomplishments I want everyone to know how I live. Living in your truth is the only way to be free.


Dayna: And finally, a quote you live by?

Solo: Only a fool knows everything but a wise man knows nothing.

Connect with Solo on Instagram: _hansolo47


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