Playboi Carti Brings His Rage Filled Live Set to Governors Ball

By Donovan Carter

Instagram: @shotsbydoncarter

Playboi Carti brings his Die Lit energy to the city of New York

After a day of missing my first bus to NYC, getting lost twice on the train and losing my wallet, I was very excited to see Carti grace the Honda stage. Carti started his set with RIP Fredo, Long Time and the unreleased track Kid Cudi.

Ever since my days in High school, I’ve been a huge fan of his live sets and know what to expect from him and the crowd. Even tho the set was almost cancelled due to how many people were passing out, it was still a spectacle to see him perform.

Playboi Carti has been one of the most consistent and personal favorites ever since he dropped tracks Left Right in 2016 and Broke Boi in 2015. Carti isn’t the most lyrical artist in the game but has the most energy and the most recognizable adlibs to date. To me the man hasn’t even hit his full potential and his fame is going to keep rising.

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