Producer Pierre Bourne, The Mastermind Behind Playboi Carti’s Debut Mixtape

By: Ngozi Nwanji

Twitter: @ZNwanji

Instagram: @znwanji

“Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?”

If you haven’t heard of Pierre Bourne yet, be prepared to begin bumping his production on your speakers. He has started to gain more recognition for producing arguably the best track, “Magnolia”, on Playboi Carti’s debut mixtape.

Bourne is a 23-year-old producer from South Carolina that has now resided in Atlanta for three years. This factor has worked in his ultimate favor being that the city currently reigns in the trap genre.

Like many musicians, Bourne went through a trial and error phase in his life and career. After dropping out of college, he had a failed internship with Hustle Gang and later moved on to working with Epic Records. Epic taught him the basics that he needed to be an engineer and producer, but the songs he made were geared towards the pop genre.

Bourne’s first real step into the industry was working with Atlanta rapper Young Nudy on his mixtapes, “Slimeball & “Slimeball 2”. Working with Nudy led him to quitting Epic because his position there left him no time to work with who he personally wanted to.

Progression is Bourne’s main focus when it comes to his production. He’s been on the grind and working with 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, and Uno the Activist to name a few. Atlanta is recognizing Bourne’s talent and many want to collaborate including one of the greatest producers on the rise, Metro Boomin. With the rising popularity of Carti’s mixtape, Bourne’s hotline will surely be constantly blinging this year.

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