Man and Dog Business Partners Create Duke & Winston Fashion Line

Zuri Hoffman Although it is no secret that a dog is a man’s best friend, who knew they could be business partners too? At least that’s the case for the creators of Duke & Winston; a man named Seun Olubodun and his English Bulldog. As the Duke & Winston website puts it, the line came […]

OG Quan is Back Again With Another Visual “Litty Lit” Featuring Guwapo Savy

By Dymond Mumford Each release gets better, and the verses become stronger. OG Quan is definitely putting on for the 252, with his LL30 visual close to 8,000 views, his feature with Tario “Aint’ Trippin” at a little over 6,000 – let’s see how the numbers will turn out for OG Quan on his new […]

Fabolous Hops On “Panda” Did He Kill the Challenge?

By Dymond Mumford Since Kanye used Desiigner’s “Panda” everyone else has jumped on the wave as well. The NY Kings, Fab and Jadakiss has took the “panda” challenge now amongst others including, Meek Mill and Lupe Fiasco. Which line will you use on your IG caption next from Loso? Listen to the track below and […]

Can We Look Forward to a New Album from Breezy?

By Jazz Milligan  Breezy is back at again with new music and maybe a new album? Chris Brown is releasing a new mixtape soon and he has added fuel to the fire by implementing that a new album will soon follow after….then he said that it wasn’t happening. Chris Brown’s newest mix take Before the […]

Afeni Shakur Passes Away at 69

By Ngozi Nwanji  Afeni Shakur passed away at 69 on the night of May 2 in her home in Sausalito, California after a possible heart attack. Shakur was known for being an activist and being apart of the Black Panthers Party. Her and other members of the movement were arrested and charged with accused bombings in 1969. Shakur […]

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