Dymond Alexis Heads to Brooklyn with FatallyCool’s, Manny Blanco

By Dymond Mumford Brooklyn native, Manny Blanco, is chasing his dreams and trying to eat as much as he can. He has been running steadily for the past few weeks to get together a pop up shop for group and brand, FatallyCool, and today is finally here. Watch as Manny and I discuss how he […]

Digital Art Gallery Tour Celebrates One-Year Anniversary, Plus Interview with VH1’s Black Ink Crew, Walt

By Dymond Mumford Immediately walking into the venue positive vibes flourished and you knew it was a celebration. The Digital Art Gallery Tour celebrated their one-year anniversary this past weekend, but the honor goes to Kwashee Totimeh who founded the movement in 2014. Kwashee founded the Digital Art Gallery Tour to bring interactive art expos […]

Democratic Sit-in Sparked by Republicans’ Disregard of Gun Laws

By Jazz Milligan The recent shooting in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse nightclub has left the nation reeling and the national conversation on gun control has been sparked yet again. While some are pushing for more gun control, Democrats have taken matters into their own hands and have staged a sit-in to protest until stricter gun […]

Dymond Alexis Interviews Kinston’s, Ricco Ratchett

By Dymond Alexis I finally was able to sit down with Ricco Ratchett when I visited my hometown, Kinston, North Carolina. Learning more about the artist, his inspirations and motivation for pursuing his rap career. With soundcloud views rising, Ricco is making his name known and putting on for Kinston as well. Watch the interview […]

Music Video for Beyoncé’s Girl Anthem “Sorry” Has Been Released

By Ngozi Nwanji The visuals for Beyoncé’s latest album, “Lemonade”, received a lot of praise for its refreshing creativity and subtle messages for songs such as “Freedom”. Beyoncé recently released the stand-alone video for the fan-favorite “Sorry”. The music video features Serena Williams, who shows, with her dance moves, that she isn’t just great at […]

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