Mr.White Iverson Releases Full Tracklist of “August 26” Mixtape

By Dymond Mumford  Post Malone is definitely keeping us anticipated on the release of his mixtape, August 26. Wondering if he’ll having us “saucin” it up on this project. Sources stated Malone would release the mixtape today at noon, but no signs of the download anywhere. We’ll keep you updated, but as of now check […]

Jazz’s Take: How To Stay Motivated During Your Workout

By Jazz Milligan  Instagram: @jazz_milligan Everyone knows that exercise can be torture, or even boring at times. Getting and staying motivated to exercise can be difficult, but is not impossible. Here are three tips for staying motivated during your workout. Tip 1: Make a killer playlist Music can have a profound effect on the quality […]

George Zimmerman Attempting To Sell Gun He Killed Trayvon Martin With

By Miya Jones George Zimmerman is making headlines yet again after attempting to sell the gun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin for a high fee. Zimmerman attempted to sell the firearm for $5,000 on Normally, a firearm like the one Zimmerman had would sell for $200, but Zimmerman had his own explanation […]

Meme Queen Skai Jackson Kills Azealia Banks In Shade War

By Miya Jones Who thought that a sweet 14-year-old Disney star could throw shade with so much accuracy. The Jackson-Banks Twitter saga started when rapper Azealia Banks made racists and homophobic comments about former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. Banks claimed that Malik copied parts of her music video “Chasing Time” in his music video […]

Haters Continue to Hate at Beyoncé Concert

By Miya Jones Beyoncé just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the police. A small group of protestors gathered a mile away from her concert, and it was not to fall in formation. At a show in Beyoncé’s hometown, Houston, a group called the Coalition for the Police and Sheriffs (C.O.P.S.) […]

Rihanna’s Scholarship for International Students

By Ngozi Nwanji Rihanna has created a great opportunity for international students seeking to attend college in America. The Global Scholarship Program was created through her foundation, Clara Lionel Foundation. Citizens and natives from the countries Brazil, Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana and Jamaica are qualified for the scholarship. Also, in order to qualify, the […]

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