Rajon Rondo to NOLA

By Zach Haines Twitter: @_zachhaines_ Instagram: @zachhaines15 Rajon Rondo has signed a one-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. This will mark the fifth team the four-time NBA All-Star and 2008 NBA Champion will play for. This signing will also reunite Rondo with former Sacramento Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins, who was acquired by the Pelicans following a […]

Conor McGregor’s Suit Says Its First Words and It Wasn’t Dad

By Isaac Breese Instagram: @pinsandlapels McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are on tour together (ironic right) doing a bunch of promo for their much anticipated fight that is scheduled for August 26. During their first press run on Tuesday in Toronto, McGregor was featured wearing a bespoke pinstriped suit that was made by David August specifically […]

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and Why it Matters

By Dominique Carter Twitter: @DommyCBbayy Instagram:@dommycbaby As a psychology minor, I’ve realized how important mental health is when it comes to people. Mental health has always been pushed aside, especially by minorities, when there are issues that people see as bigger issues, because they are physical. For example, when somebody is homeless, we only see […]

Meek Mill Releases “Wins & Losses” Cover Art and Tracklist

By Nasir Harris-Salahuddin Twitter: @YariNasty Well, the summers been been pretty hot so far musically, but Meek may have something major coming on July 21. Meek has released the artwork for his upcoming album a few days ago, which is a compilation of pictures, several including his DreamChasers camp, one in particular of slain artist […]

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