On A Natural Hair Journey? Here Are 7 Naturalistas You NEED To Be Following On Instagram!

By: Vernesha Hazel

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Whether you’ve just decided to go natural or you’ve been natural your whole life, learning about your hair and finding cute new styles to fit your lifestyle is a journey, the end goal being healthy hair. There are many resources, blogs, Pinterest boards, and YouTube accounts to definitely check out but one amazing resource for organizing all of your faves and finding quick and easy (and sometimes not-so-easy) tutorials is Instagram. Also, Insta’s new “Save” tool makes archiving and re-watching tutorials much quicker.

Here’s a list of 7 Naturalistas you NEED to be following!

  1. @finally.amber

If juicy curls are what you’re looking for, then juicy curls are what you’ll get when you follow @finally.amber on Instagram. With a bright and beauty-full white smile, you can find skincare routines, tutorials, and just natural hair inspiration on her page! If you’d like more in-depth content from Amber, you can follow her YouTube account: Finally Amber.

2. @hazel_goddess

First off, her name is Caaliyah, not Hazel. Second, we stan a versatile queen. Caaliyah posts her honey-colored curls almost daily! One unique thing about her account is that she is always trying new products and showing her followers the results (and the results are always bomb). She also has a YouTube account: Hazel Goddess, which you can follow if you want the longer versions of her Instagram tutorials.

3. @trophdoph

With her beautiful brown skin, full and glossy lips, and let’s not forget, gooorgeous hair, this is an account that you need to be following as well. While she doesn’t post many tutorials to her Insta, she does have a YouTube account. Her page is perfect for hairstyle and #OOTD inspo. She shares so much with her followers by way of her story! So make sure you check that out frequently when you hit that follow button.

4. markele.dejanae

You’ve never seen anyone wear lipstick the way that Markele can rock a killer lip #FACTS. Her page is perfect for hairstyle inspiration, makeup looks, and product reviews. Full eyelashes, a beat face, a beautiful crown of curls, and often many colorful headbands and wraps, check out her Insta for some color, color, and more color! She doesn’t’ post many tutorials to her page so if you can’t get enough of her looks, you can follow her YouTube account: Markele DeJa’nae.

5. @_simplystasia

Annastasia is the queen of updos. One of the best things about her account is that she posts tons of picture of her styles from all angles so you can get a good look. If you’re a busy student or someone who likes to wear their hair up a lot and are looking to switch things up, this is definitely the account for you. You will fall in love with every style she posts. She does have a blog that you should definitely check out where she shares natural hair and beauty tips, book reviews, and travel! Check out Simply Stasia as well as her YouTube channel Simply Stasia.

6. @_bubsbee

If you have 4C hair, you know it can be hard to manage and hard to style and be creative with. Antoinette however, makes it look easy. She’s always posting product reviews highlighting the best brands for her texture and the best at making her styles pop. She posts tons of makeup AND hair tutorials both on her Insta and her YouTube channel Bubs Bee. Check her out!

7. @corporate.curls

More elegant updos!!! As the handle suggests, the owner of the account, Sheri, posts beautiful updos perfect for the naturals in the corporate world and even church. There is definitely a stigma surrounding natural hair in a formal business setting so naturals in the office might be timid about what styles they wear or how much they can do with their tresses. Check out this account if you’d like to switch it up! She has tons of ideas.  Also, check out her YouTube channel Corporate Curls.

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