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Today was International Women’s Day, and in honor of that beautiful celebration of the women in our lives, I invite you to take a look at the women who inspire me fashion-wise, but not solely. These entrepreneurs, boss ladies, businesswomen, artists–and more–are an inspiration to me on the daily from the way they dress to the way they talk, constantly reminding young women they are worth it. Today, and everyday, I appreciate you.

Sanam Sindhi

Although Sanam’s style is too great for me (I could never wear that in public, I would be way too scared), I like thinking she’s my alter ego. She isn’t scared to talk about her sexuality, often times posting funny comments on her Instagram story. Not only that, she reminds women they can be whoever they want to be as long as they feel comfortable in their skin! She is an accurate description of one side of my  personality: witty, blunt, and fearless. I admire Sanam and what she stands for.

27 🎂

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Yara Shahidi

The simplicity of Yara’s style is truly one unmatched. Maybe she gets it from TV Mom Tracee Ellis Ross (who I also adore), or from her own mother, Keri Shahidi. Either way, Yara is a true example of grace and class. At only 18 years of age, Yara fights for what she is passionate about and has no shame in her activism to help the people of today and the youth of tomorrow. I can’t say enough positive things about this beautiful soul!

Aerin Creer

A girl whose style is unmatchable and truly authentic. Trust me, I’ve tried copying a couple of her outfits and it’s just impossible to look as good as her (you’ll surely get compliments though.) Aerin always speaks on issues that revolt her and doesn’t believe in keeping her mouth shut. We love us some young lady who knows how to speak her mind and radiates confidence.

You niggas don’t deserve 🐱

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Nia & Elsa

Friends Nia Pettitt and Elsa Barb met in college and have been traveling the world ever since. Although Nia’s was mostly recognized for her voluminous hair, the influencer chopped it all off to remind herself she was more than just her strands. Ever since, Elsa and Nia have been traveling the globe to find themselves, to witness the magic around them (and all of us) that we often times neglect to see. If that didn’t get your attention, both of their wardrobes are so beautiful, incorporating pieces from where they’ve been whilst rocking minimalist pieces.

Hitomi Mochizuki

Hitomi gained popularity through Youtube, with her spirituality videos and quirky thrift hauls. She’s an old soul–at only 19 years of age she’s been all the way from New York to Japan, circling the globe to achieve her purpose. If you need someone to talk to, listening to Hitomi’s videos is probably the best thing you could do. Also, can we say a big ‘yes’ to this cute outfit?

Still don't have a phone. Sorry for being That bitch

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Solange Knowles

My mother, aka Solange Knowles (she’s not really my mother, but you know what I mean.) Once again, her grace is what I admire most in her. How can a woman be so elegant just by being her authentic self? She is a daily inspiration for me, as she reminds me to be unapologetic about who I am and the things/people I love. Her style is equally appealing, mixing minimalism with a touch of extravagance, she knows exactly which accessories to add to which outfit. She can truly pull off anything.


Lupita Nyong’o

Can we say it louder for the people in the back? Lupita has been one of my favorite actresses, fashion inspiration, human being for so long now. Knowing her and I are from Africa makes me feel as though we have a bond. She masters elegance and poise and always knows what to say. Have you also noticed how she can pull of any look, at any time? Lupita’s my girl for sure.

The point of this article is not to ‘shout out’ certain women and leave others out, but to show you a portion of the women who inspire me on a daily basis. Find women who will motivate you to be your greatest self, who will make sure you stay on the path God has chosen for you. Women uplifting other women is truly a beautiful thing, so make sure to remind the important women around you why they’re so important to you. Love as much as you want to be loved, and spread positivity wherever you go. You are beautiful, happy International Women’s Day!

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