No CRIME, More Music

By Aaron Ball

On Veterans’ Day, Conscious Rebels Inspiring Modern Enlightenment (CRIME) Children, united at the Bourbon Branch bar assembling a live concert.

(via Twitter @MannaMaestro)
(via Twitter @MannaMaestro)

CRIME Children consists of three members (Stro, RoeDidit and RAX). Unfortunately, group member RAX was murdered recently but the unexpected death has motivated Stro and RoeDidit to continue striving. With the assistance of DJ Diamond Kutz, it is only a matter of time before the members reach their peak.

The show was quite exhilarating because of the passion and support from CRIME’s fans. The group performed some of their best singles varying from ‘Free Gucci’ to ‘Finessin’ to ‘I’m all for it’ the crowd was engaged from beginning to end. “Long Live Rax” was chanted throughout the show, showing respect to group member RAX.


Ultimately for CRIME, this night was not only dedicated to Stro and his birthday, but also the brotherhood that RAX was apart of.

From this point on, sky’s the limit for these young individuals as I took notice that there is so much motivation behind their movement, especially for how RAX influenced them in variety of ways when it came to his songs, his presence, and his tenacity.

Before the show ended, a painting from artist Ivben Taqiy, was presented to group member Stro. The painting was a nostalgic self portrait of Stro and RAX standing beside each other. After the picture was presented emotions flourished throughout the venue.

CRIME understands their impact and purpose; their music will continue to be a reflection of their brother – Rest in Peace RAX.

Twitter: @CrimeChildren

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    (November 24, 2015 - 11:56 pm)

    They will prosper . They have the motivation and drive not only for themselves and the people around them but also for RAX. Keep pushing C.R.I.M.E #longliverax #live4rax

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